Gran Padre Tequila

Tequila Gran Padre Reposado


Tequila with a mild flavor of agave and notes of caramel, wood, and maple.

Made from 100% Weber Tequila Blue Agave from our private estates.

Gran Padre Tequila Reposado is the result of Tequila Gran Padre Blanco aged in white oak barrels for 4 months. Its artisan process , double distillation and its aging in barrels provide a smooth combination of notes of caramel and vanilla.

Ripe Agave (33 brix), cooked in masonry oven for 36 hours and double distillation in tower.

Because of its unique profile it will make a pleasant buy as a sipper or adding it to any of your favorite cocktails. We recommend you try it 1.5 GP repo, top it with ice and add mineral water.

An excellent alternative for those looking for a smooth and elegant tequila.