Gran Padre Tequila

Since the planting of the agave shoots (Hijuelos), we are all hands-on taking care of the land and its plants, following the philosophy of the company of "giving back to the land the same or more of what the land is giving us." is for this very reason that we pay special attention to the development and process of each of our brands, starting with Gran Padre being the flagship of the family representing our values; commitment, responsibility, loyalty, and caring for each other, all of this being the main message that we at Destileria 501 pass along to each of those involved in this process, from planting until our bottles reaches your table.

Gran Padre is a tribute to those men who with their example sought to earn the respect of those around them, showing hard work, dedication, and caring, known trades that left a vivid memory on the lives of those who crossed their path.

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