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Our story

Gran Padre is the flagship Premium Tequila brand from our family here at Destileria 501, located in the Valley area, in Arenal, Jalisco, the first tequila town in the tequila route (ruta del Tequila); where Destileria 501 found its new home at the historically acclaimed La Fortuna factory, the oldest distillery in the El Arenal municipality, with more than 100 years of existence.

We pride on making high quality tequila


How do we get the best tequila?

When the ripe agave arrives at the distillery, the masonry oven is prepared, in which it will spend 36 hours slowly cooking to keep the agave juicy and obtain its caramel notes.

Once the agave is cooked, it goes to the riping and to the press, where all the juices will get extracted and then go directly to the fermentation tanks, where they will spend at least 4 days fermenting naturally.

When it is ready, we move on to the distillation tower, where we can regulate the level of higher alcohols more accurately and result in a softer tequila.

At the end of the distillation, the product can go through 2 different processes, it can go directly to the packaging where it is filtered to prevent any solid remains of the agave