Tequila Gran Padre

The Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Tequila


Clear, pure, crisp, elegant, and graceful while composed and genuine in its finish. Gran Padre Blanco will exceed any tequila lover’s expectations time-after-time.

Color: Colorless – Clear

Taste: Sweet yet smooth finish with fresh Agave and a hint of citrus

Suggested Retail: US$39.95/750ml


8-months of careful aging in Oak Barrels deliver a light, golden tequila that delivers a pleasant silkiness on the palate while maintaining great body.

Color: Light Golden – Amber

Taste: Sweet yet smooth finish with the fresh Agave and hint of citrus, along with the subtle essence of the oak wood barrels

Suggested Retail: US $44.95/750ml


Matured in seasoned white oak barrels for full 24-months, the smooth and rich aroma provides the memorable character that is sought after by tequila aficionados everywhere.

Color: Rich Golden

Taste: Sweet yet smooth finish created by the combination of the distinct oak wood taste, agave, and citrus

Suggested Retail: US $49.95/750ml